Horse Trek to Song Kol Lake in Kyrgyzstan

If you do the Song Kol Lake horse trek in Kyrgyzstan: 

  • Don’t name your horse Steven. He’s a c🐎nt.
  • You will get sick. That’s a fact.
  • You will get cold at night in the yurt.
  • Your calves and butt will hate you.
  • You will see the Milky Way without a lense 😍
  • You might fall off your horse and get KO’d. Because you’ve named your horse Steven.
photo 30-08-2018, 09 04 24
Song Kol Trek
  • Bring chapstick. And Dobble (bomba). Or Uno. And learn the colors in Kyrgyz. Who’s the teacher now?
  • You will get stunning views of the mountains, Song Kol lake, and the steppe as far as the eye can see. 24/7.
  • Our chai master near Song Kol lake wore traditional Kyrgyz clothes of bright kök (blue) and kara (black), worked the fresh sheep fleece with her bare hands to make saddle cushions and sewed pillows and tapestry in her free time. She welcomed us in her yurt to learn and live with the Kyrgyz shepherds in the wild plains of central Kyrgyzstan. Rahmat chai master!
  • But above all, do that horse trek with amazing, funny and caring people, and you’re in for a treat.

photo 30-08-2018, 06 29 30-2


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