Taking the train in Kazakhstan

Crossing the border by train from Tashkent to Shymkent was much easier than I’d expected! Besides being asked about 15 times to show my passport from the very entrance of the train station to the actual Uzbek-Kazakh border, everything went smoothly.

Traveling the Silk Road in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan turned out to be an unexpected highlight in my 6-month Asian trip because I had not included it in my plans, and boy was I wrong! Skip the turquoise-domed minarets, the never-ending sunsets over sun-washed mosques, I mean … the Silk Road?! WHAT WAS I THINKING? Changing my plans to spend 2 weeks in a…

Traveling Tips – What I wish I knew before I started traveling in Asia

Everyone obviously experiences traveling differently and the following tips are what I thought would be useful to a friend traveling to the places I’ve visited myself. Don’t hesitate to drop a message down below to add some of your personal favorite tips or to discuss some of mine. It’s all about traveling safe, isn’t it?