When in Guangzhou …

Well, guess what? Cantonese fried rice is not all they eat in Guangzhou, ha ! My trip to the third biggest city in China was savory, inspiring, stimulating and much too short. Guangzhou, or Canton, struck me as an intense painting of grey skyscrapers, flashy neon signs and colorful blurs everywhere, from the boats on the Pearl River to the Canton Tower overlooking the city, undisturbed.

Milan, the good and the bad. But mostly the good.

Italy offers so many spectacular landscapes, from deep blue seas to white-top mountains and rolling vineyards and it has such a rich past that it would be silly to mention but the negative aspects of it. In the past year, I have visited the narrow streets of Parma, where I tasted slices of savory crudo ham and cheese.

Milan and its annoying habits

When you decide to become a citizen of the world, to move to another country and experience life from a different point of view, things change (duuh). You become a different person: you reevaluate everything, you cast a different look upon all those little things you may have taken for granted before like organization, time, structure, human behavior, long-distance relationships, social integration and most of the time, you adapt. The act of decentralization, but more specifically, the act of relocation to another environment from the comfortable to the challenging, from the known to the unknown and from the old to the new is quite understandably a very big step to take.

Il carnevale di Venezia

Nous sommes à Venise! Et Venise lors du carnaval, c’est un peu comme New York lors du Nouvel an, comme quand t’as fini tes exams à l’unif après une session interminable, comme s’élancer du haut d’une piste de ski déserte par grand ciel bleu. C’est magique, t’es tout fou, t’as envie de courir partout (ou descendre…