10 Tips for visiting Ha Giang

Often called the last frontier of Vietnam, Hà Giang borders China and offers some of the most spectacular landscapes I have seen in over a year of traveling around Vietnam. It offers misty, green and brown hills in the background, and dusty, bumpy roads weaving through the country side from lower valleys to high mountain passes and the paddies! So many green, lush paddies everywhere! The air is saturated with the scent of the leaves and wood burning on the mountain slopes, and it’s fresh! Coming from the traffic and pollution of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Hà Giang is like a breath of fresh, cold air.

Il carnevale di Venezia

Nous sommes à Venise! Et Venise lors du carnaval, c’est un peu comme New York lors du Nouvel an, comme quand t’as fini tes exams à l’unif après une session interminable, comme s’élancer du haut d’une piste de ski déserte par grand ciel bleu. C’est magique, t’es tout fou, t’as envie de courir partout (ou descendre…