Horseback riding through Central Mongolia

Mongolia is like a place out of time. Time is definitely not of the essence around here. Only the elements dictate everyone’s rhythm, everything revolves around the next heavy rain or the next below zero temperatures.

Mongolia: Ulan Bator and Karakorum

That evening there was a brief shower, then a wonderful bright orange sunset over the mountains. The feeling was indescribable, the wilderness and unlimited steppe all around, the fresh, unpolluted air we breathed happily, the mountains shaping up in the distance and this light, this very bright light bathing everyone and everything.

7800 km through Mongolia, China and Vietnam

I think it was in January 2016 that I started considering traveling to Mongolia and exploring that remote, little known country stuck between Russia and China. On an impulse I bought a one-way ticket to Ulan Bator and that’s pretty much when I started planning my next big trip to Asia – on month in…