Moving abroad in a few steps

Have you ever thought of dropping everything, quitting your job and traveling to faraway countries? Well, getting up one morning and walking out the door isn’t the hardest part of the trip. Here is my own personal to-do list before moving abroad.

Comic Strips and craft beers in Brussels

A thematic walking tour around Brussels to follow entire walls of comic strips? A taste of different craft beers in a historical in town? And how about the best mussels and fries away from the crowds of tourists? Here is my personal list of must see’s and do’s in Brussels to get the most of it in just a few days.

History and Art in Naples

Aaah Naples, its narrow cobblestone streets in the old city center, its beautiful countryside, spectacular waterfront and rich history! In my opinion, those who have never been to Naples can’t say they’ve experienced the south of Italy. Here’s my top 5 things to see and do in Naples without upsetting your wallet. Go for a…

Milan, the good and the bad. But mostly the good.

Italy offers so many spectacular landscapes, from deep blue seas to white-top mountains and rolling vineyards and it has such a rich past that it would be silly to mention but the negative aspects of it. In the past year, I have visited the narrow streets of Parma, where I tasted slices of savory crudo ham and cheese.

Milan and its annoying habits

When you decide to become a citizen of the world, to move to another country and experience life from a different point of view, things change (duuh). You become a different person: you reevaluate everything, you cast a different look upon all those little things you may have taken for granted before like organization, time, structure, human behavior, long-distance relationships, social integration and most of the time, you adapt. The act of decentralization, but more specifically, the act of relocation to another environment from the comfortable to the challenging, from the known to the unknown and from the old to the new is quite understandably a very big step to take.

Iceland: Reykjavik and the Blue Lagoon

Dark rolling clouds over rocky volcanic fields or double rainbow over yellow meadows by the sea, Iceland has a way of taking you straight to the gates of Hell or to Paradise City.


Kaunas reste dans mes souvenirs celui d’une petite ville très charismatique où les gens se montrent encore froids, fermés et distants.


La Lituanie, à l’image de ses grandes soeurs baltes, est un petit pays contrasté entre paysages de nature sauvage, de forets, de rivages et de champs, et la féroce volonté de quelques grandes villes qui tentent de se moderniser, à coups de Starbucks et autres grandes chaines.


Riga. La capitale Lettone, ce n’est pas seulement le pull, l’air paumé de Gatis Kantis, ni son humour aussi comique que confus face aux juges de Britain’s Got Talent. C’est une jolie petite capitale, pleine de ruelles pavées (tiens, tiens), de chaines de restaurants modernes, de sushis pas chers. Un grand poumon vert, des concerts…


Une nuit blanche de quelques heures harcelée de cigogneries et me voilà filant vers le terminal du ferry avec pour destination la Finlande. J’oublie que je n’ai pas assez dormi, que je suis à peine éveillée et que je commence à avoir la dalle, parce que l’excitation de l’inconnu a pris les cornes du dessus…


Tallinn est un peu à l’Estonie ce que Frankfort est à l’Allemagne: une ville de contrastes et pas des moindres.

Un bien plat pays

Des légendes, des paysages pas dégueus, des dédales de coquines ruelles pavées, des places remplies d’une histoire palpable, ou l’impression presque littérale qu’il ne nous manque qu’une paire de sabots, quelques bestioles à vendre au marché, et la connaissance d’une langue vieille de quelques centaines d’années.