Biking in Taiwan: the scenic East coast

Spectacular mountain views, and green bridges in the Taroko gorge, fishermen night markets in Hualien, sand beaches along the East coast, surf hotspots in laidback Kenting and Dulan, Taiwan really has everything for everyone.

Taking the train in Kazakhstan

Crossing the border by train from Tashkent to Shymkent was much easier than I’d expected! Besides being asked about 15 times to show my passport from the very entrance of the train station to the actual Uzbek-Kazakh border, everything went smoothly.

Traveling the Silk Road in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan turned out to be an unexpected highlight in my 6-month Asian trip because I had not included it in my plans, and boy was I wrong! Skip the turquoise-domed minarets, the never-ending sunsets over sun-washed mosques, I mean … the Silk Road?! WHAT WAS I THINKING? Changing my plans to spend 2 weeks in a…

Horse Trek to Song Kol Lake in Kyrgyzstan

Our chai master near Song Kol lake wore traditional Kyrgyz clothes of bright kök (blue) and kara (black), worked the fresh sheep fleece with her bare hands to make saddle cushions and sewed pillows and tapestry in her free time. She welcomed us in her yurt to learn and live with the Kyrgyz shepherds in the wild plains of central Kyrgyzstan. Rahmat chai master!

Kyrgyzstan and the World Nomad Games 2018

Kyrgyzstan is that little country landlocked between Russia, China and its other Central Asian sisters had for a while now caught my attention with its mysterious culture, a mixed heritage of the old Soviet Union, Asia and the Middle East, that I wanted to discover.

Traveling Tips – What I wish I knew before I started traveling in Asia

Everyone obviously experiences traveling differently and the following tips are what I thought would be useful to a friend traveling to the places I’ve visited myself. Don’t hesitate to drop a message down below to add some of your personal favorite tips or to discuss some of mine. It’s all about traveling safe, isn’t it?

Huai Kon (Nan) border crossing from Thailand to Laos

I’ve just crossed from Thailand into Laos at the Huai Kon border crossing near Nan. It was the easiest thing in the world and it’s not touristy at all over here. So if you’re interested in a bit of an adventure in rural Thailand and Laos, read on!

A couple of days in Hiroshima

Hiroshima is also a modern, elegant and chill city with its eerie Peace Memorial Park and its castle, the famous Hiroshima okonomiyaki and the many streetcars crisscrossing around the city.

Seoraksan National Park from Seoul: hiking guide in 6 steps

When I think of South Korea, I think of hyper-modern ginormous metropolis, Seoulites in shades Gangnam style and kimchi. And that would be correct, but it is also a stunning country for outdoor activities full of great nature spots like Seoraksan National Park in the North-East.

Mekong Delta DIY versus Organized tours

A weekend trip to the Mekong Delta from HCMC – is it better to go on an organized tour or by myself? I did both. Here’s how I experienced the Merkong on a tour and solo.